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Strong Sip Panels from Sipbuild, Find high qauilty SIP Panels In West Sussex.

If panels are damaged, a structural engineer needs to assess the damage to determine what is cosmetic and what is structural. If the damage is only cosmetic, then the source of moisture must be determined and fixed, whether it is from inside or outside. If the damage is structural, then the source of the problem must be identified and a structural solution to the problem must be found. That can be done by either a site modification of the panels or replacement of the panels, depending on the extent of the damage. In the event that panels are damaged, the manufacturer and installer of the panels should be notified. There are SIPA members who can act as consultants to assess the damage and recommend repair or replacement strategies.People often worry about termites, Although termites do not feed on the foam panel cores, there have been instances where panel cores have been hollowed out by these insects and used as a nesting ground. To prevent this, many manufacturers offer SIPs with borate-treated foam and/or OSB. Termites may also be deterred through the use of a specially designed steel mesh at the foundation connection. Both these treatments are highly effective, but they are not a substitute for careful termite prevention and maintenance, as with any other wood structure. The area inside a SIP building envelope is considered conditioned space and will be ventilated by the building’s HVAC system. There is no need to provide a vented attic beneath a SIP roof, and doing so would compromise the conditioned space of the building. Some building science experts recommend venting the roof by providing an air space between the SIP roof panels and the roofing material (known as a “cold roof”). This best practice is not a requirement for SIP buildings, but it is a sensible extra measure to improve the durability and moisture resistance of the building.

What are the benefits of buying a SIPs Kit over buying panel only?

With a Sipbuild UK Kit you get everything you need to erect the basic structure (glue, screws, timbers, assembly guide, etc). Our available kits can be found here.

Are there building codes for Sipbuild Sip Panels?

Panel Only – 7 – 10 days

Studios – 4 – 6 weeks from when the GA’s have been approved

Larger Projects – 6- 8 weeks from when the GA’s have been approved

What are Sipbuild SIP Panles made from?

SIPs (Structural Insulated Panels) are made using two facings of OSB3 (Oriented Strand Board) with a filling of PUR (polyurethane) insulation.We give a 12 months defect warranty with our SIPs.

What do Sipbuild Uk Offer?

We recently designed and installed a SIPs plant at our workshops to produce SIPs for our existing garden room business. We have now expanded to enable us to offer our own SIPs to the public and general builders to purchase either specific quantities of panels or complete garden rooms in kit form to construct garden offices, garden rooms, garages, park homes and single storey extensions.

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