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Sipbuild UK , leaders in Quality SIP Panels in West Sussex?

Sipbuild SIP's were incorporated into the project's design from the very beginning, as the owners desired the high-performance aspects derived from SIPs (extreme airtightness, great insulation and incredible strength with its reduced homeowners insurance premiums). Install went quickly, and the SIP walls and roof contributed to an extremely tight home envelope, which eventually resulted in a HERS score of 9.Single Family Residence. This project was extremely difficult mostly because of the multiple angels of the walls, hardly any of the walls had a 90 degree angel. The home would of been quite costly building it conventionally because of the angles, SIPs saved considerable time with labor and materials as every angle was figured in the Shop Drawings and manufactured. We also used one of the best SIP engineers in the business that considerably help with keeping the cost down.Our SIPs are ideal to use for the construction of garden rooms, garden offices and garden studios. They can also be successfully used for holiday lodges, garages and single storey home extensions. For these we can create a panel to suit your building needs and to pass Building Control requirements.Sipbuild UK are one of only a handful of UK manufacturers of SIPS Panels (or Structural Insulated Panels) which are manufactured using facings of OSB (oriented stranded board) with a filling of PUR (polyurethane) insulation.These structural panels provide a labour & material-saving alternative to the traditional timber frame or masonry construction. The insulation used in our panels is continuous and is not bridged by timber studs.

Is SIPs cheaper than timber frame?

Is SIPs cheaper than timber frame?In general, timber frames are more economical than SIPs. Buildings constructed using SIPs can be around 15% more than timber frames. Timber frames support loads using regularly spaced studs, with insulation filling the gaps between them.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of SIPs?

Like any other construction method, SIPs have their fair share of pros and cons. The key pros include energy efficiency, structural superiority, ease of construction, and eco-friendliness. The main cons include pest, moisture damage, and ventilation issues, as well as low fire resistance.

Which is better ICF or SIPs?

Which is better ICF or SIPs?Image resultICFs are a high-thermal mass material that is air- and moisture-resistant. ICF is more energy-efficient and fire-, mold- and rot-resistant than SIP. An additional advantage of ICF over SIP construction is ICF has more design flexibility and can easily accommodate complex architectural curves and contours..

Do you stay Warm with a Sip Panel Extension?

SIPs are highly energy-efficient and therefore contribute positively to the environment by reducing CO2 levels. They also use significantly less energy during the manufacturing process compared to traditional construction methods and have lower embodied energy than traditional construction materials, such as steel, concrete and masonry.

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